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By the number of phenolic resin impregnated by the upper kraft paper and melamine treated wellhead decorative yarn-dyed, laminated and then etched steel plate in the 150 high temperature 1430psi high pressure environment, , Superior performance. Thickness from 0.5mm to 25mm can be customized.

Escellent performance

Qiange Hanging wall

Thousand grid wall panels are divided into dry hanging system and paste system

Dry hanging system

Dry hanging is hanging with special vertical and horizontal keel, with adjustable pendant, anti-collision strip, corner yards and other metal structures for installation.

  • Waterproof moisture mildew
  • Anti - strong acid and alkali easy to clean and maintain
  • Anti-impact scratch resistance to corrosion
  • Strong weather resistance UV protection
  • Smooth deformation is not easy
  • Removable non-toxic odor-free
Recommended standard thickness£º8mm

Application of dry hanging system

Sticker system

Paste is done in the interior wall of the substrate is based on the use of thousands of hanging wall panels combined with wall-specific adhesive paste.

  • Stable performance, easy construction, convenient and low cost
  • Color rich and cost-effective
Recommended standard thickness£º4mm

Paste system application case

Installation details

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