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Anti-fold special bathroom Why cut off the bathroom?

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Anti-times the special board because of its excellent performance, so people in the choice of toilet partition material, more and more people are welcome. But there are a lot of people often consult us, why do I have to do before the anti-fold special bathroom partition, a long time on the deformation of the bend it, Shenzhen 1000 grid company tells you how it was.

Anti-fold special board is decorated with decorative paper melamine impregnated paper, with black or brown kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin laminated, and then through the high temperature steel plate (150 ¡æ) high pressure (1430psi) environment repression, due to its inherent Features There is a certain degree of deformation of the original probability, which is due to gravity, the greater the density the more easily deformed, so anti-times the special transport and placement requirements are neat flat. In addition, there must be a high-quality installation quality.

Toilet partition is not only good or bad materials to see how the quality of its installation and quality level also has a very close relationship. It is best to choose a rich experience in the installation of cut off the installation team, so as to enable us to avoid more mistakes. For example, experienced master in the toilet partition installation time, will use three hinges, this can greatly reduce the probability of deformation of the door.
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