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How to identify anti-times the special board and MDF?

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At present, anti-times the special board this material is more and more favored by the furniture manufacturers, then you know how to distinguish between anti-times special board and MDF? Shenzhen 1000 grid tell you, in order to more clearly distinguish between anti-times the special board and MDF, the most important thing is to understand its characteristics and production processes.

Anti-times the special board:
Is a single-sided fire from the evolution of the fire board, with excellent waterproof, scratch-resistant, fire, color, and other excellent product performance. It is suitable for indoor environment, as a plane and facade of the structural support material, is the wet, high pressure, high load and other public places the best choice. It is impregnated with melamine colored paper through high temperature and pressure produced.

MDF: MDF mostly wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, by breaking, fiber separation and drying adhesive, and then made by a hot plate.

Therefore, we are not difficult to distinguish between anti-times the advantages and disadvantages of the special board and MDF. Compared with the MDF, anti-times in the moisture-proof and waterproof, more advantages than the MDF. Because the MDF is made of adhesive into the glue, so once the erosion by water vapor, it is easy to cause MDF open plastic.
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