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Toilet partition commonly used materials which?

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Bathroom partition in the selection of the above than the general partition to be considered a number of factors, because the bathroom air is generally more humid, bathroom partition material generally have three hydrogenamine plate toilet partition, anti-times special toilet partition, fire board toilet partition.

The overall structure of the anti-fold special board partition is composed of melamine board with various special bathroom hardware accessories, melamine board is made, the import of various colors or printed with a variety of decorative wood grain base paper, impregnated with melamine resin , For particleboard, MDF, moisture-proof plate and other substrate veneer, and has a beautiful natural decorative effect, the performance slightly inferior to the fire board finishes.

Resistant, easy to clean, between the door and the use of overlapping processing, high privacy, with a sense of the overall, anti-fouling, Metal parts can be cast aluminum material or plating material, in line with BS5750 standards, hinges with automatic return function, the door lock special security design, the emergency can be opened by the door.

Fireproof board partition doors, posts, partitions are made of imported or domestic fire board finishes, the middle substrate is a high-quality moisture-proof particleboard or MDF, it can be equipped with a variety of cut off special hardware, diverse styles, and more A variety of fire board colors to choose from, with a natural and beautiful decorative effect, and resistant to wear, heat, corrosion resistance, easy to clean and so on.
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