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How to choose cabinet table?

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Cabinets determine the decoration style of the kitchen, the table is a direct impact on human health diet. In the building materials market, the current market, the main popular countertop materials are natural stone, stainless steel, artificial stone, wood, etc., how to better select them, we have to consider.

Sturdy rough natural stone
Natural stone has a unique natural texture and texture of unparalleled hard, made of natural stone countertops, no doubt the kitchen into a strong yet beautiful castle. Natural stone, including granite, marble, relatively large density, high temperature anti-scratch performance is very prominent, good wear resistance, cost is relatively low, affordable.

However, the natural stone texture there will be gaps, easy to breed bacteria, while there is a length limit, even if the two splicing can not be seamless. In addition, natural stone although the texture of hard, but the lack of flexibility, in case of heavy blows or a sharp temperature changes will be cracks, it is difficult to repair. Therefore, the more suitable for those who pursue the natural texture of the US economy users.

Fine antibacterial stainless steel
In terms of tableware kitchenware, stainless steel is the best endorsement. Stainless steel countertops are generally in the high-density fire board surface with a thin layer of stainless steel, solid texture, easy to clean; at the same time in all materials, the best antibacterial properties of stainless steel.

In the integration of modern European and American concept of the impact of new cabinets, stainless steel countertops also conform to the development trend of the corresponding improvements. For the emphasis on practical considerations of consumers, or consumers like metal texture, optional stainless steel countertops can be.

However, the stainless steel surface gives a hard sense of the visual, in the cabinet table corner of the joints and the lack of a reasonable and effective means of dealing with. Once the surface is scratched by sharp objects will leave no trace of recovery. Therefore, more suitable for home improvement style emphasis on industrialization and no time to clean up the kitchen of the user.

Modeling changing man-made stone
Artificial stone, the market is recognized as the most suitable for modern kitchen cabinets panel materials. Artificial stone has the most abundant color, the whole can be formed, can be any length of seamless bonding, there is no trace of the seams, can create a changing shape of the table. In addition, the artificial stone wear, acid, high temperature, impact, compression, antibacterial, bending, anti-penetration and other functions are also strong.

However, the shortcomings of artificial stone is clearly insufficient natural, texture is relatively false, the price is higher. So the kitchen decoration environment for more complex users.

Romantic natural pure wood
In order to be close to nature, the kitchen often use wood color to create a country style, and nature in full intimate contact. So pure solid wood also began to be used as a countertop, after processing into different beautiful shape, oak, oak and some hard wood is the table on the choice.

However, solid wood mesa wood gap is relatively large, easier to filth, while flooding easily corroded. So for the extreme pursuit of taste and kitchen utilization is not high users.
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