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Furniture, props decoration industry commonly used plate?

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(A) of wood-based panel Wood-based panel is the use of wood, wood fiber, wood chips or other plant fiber as raw materials, add adhesive and other additives made of sheet metal. Wood-based panel of the main varieties of veneer, plywood, blockboard, fiberboard and particleboard.

(B) man-made decorative panels Man-made decorative panels, including decorative micro-wood veneer and large decorative lacquer panels and other decorative plates. Decorative wood veneer is a new type of high-level decorative materials. It is the use of precious species, such as teak, Ash, Liu, such as wood through the precision sliced into thin slices of wood to plywood for the substrate, the use of advanced adhesive and adhesive produced by the process. Large decorative paint decorative plate is one of China's unique decorative plates. It is based on China's unique large paint applied to a variety of wood above the grass-roots level.

(C) assembled wooden floor assembly Wood flooring is Ash, oak, walnut, teak and other fine wood, the drying process after processing of the strip of small wood. They can be assembled by the beautiful and generous pattern.

(D) of the wood lines Molding is the choice of quality hard, wood fine, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, not split, cut light processing properties good, good paint color, good adhesion, nail strong wood plants, After drying, with mechanical processing or hand-made. Moldings include ceilings, ceiling moldings.
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