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How to improve anti-times cutting tool wear-resistant technology?

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According to the theory of wear resistance, the main way to improve the wear resistance of the tool is to improve the ability of the tool to resist mechanical abrasion and abrasion, and to improve the ability of the tool to resist the corrosion.

First, the surface heat treatment
Through the appropriate surface heat treatment method, you can make the metal structure changes, improve the hardness of the tool surface and increase its wear resistance.

Second, the infiltration layer technology
Infiltration layer technology is to change the chemical composition of the surface of the tool to improve tool wear resistance and corrosion resistance of a chemical heat treatment method.

Third, coating technology
Electroplating is a traditional material protection method. Electroplating adaptability, not subject to the size and size of the workpiece limit, in the iron-based, non-iron-based, powder metallurgy, plastic and graphite substrates can be electroplating.

Fourth, thermal spraying technology
The thermal spraying technology uses the gas, the liquid fuel or the arc, the plasma arc and so on as the heat source, will the metal, the alloy, the cermet, the oxide, the carbide and so on spraying material heats to melt or semi-melts the condition, causes the atomization by the high speed air current, Sprayed, deposited to the surface of the workpiece through the pre-treatment to form a solid surface attached to the method.

Fifth, coating technology
Coating technology is the 20th century, early 70s developed the surface modification of materials technology. It is a certain method, the tool substrate coated with a thin layer of high wear resistance of refractory metal (or non-metallic) compounds, in order to improve tool life, corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance.
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