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How to choose the hotel with a wallboard?

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Wall panels not only for the public environment adds a lot of color, but also in the wall of the late maintenance, for people to save a lot of costs. Therefore, the popularity of wall panels in public places is the embodiment of its own value. So, as a class of public places, the hotel wall panels should do what to choose it.

In the plate, of course, is more resistant to moisture and moisture resistant fire-resistant anti-times hanging wall panels more appropriate. Then since we have been identified in the plate down, then what should we do? Shenzhen Qian Ge that, then, mainly for the color of sheet metal to choose. So, the hotel's wallboard color should have what kind of choice?
In general, if you want to show the hotel's high-end atmosphere with the atmosphere, the hotel's interior generally choose the yellow style more, because the yellow is warm, then we in the wall color should be warm colors for the the Lord. Then you can choose what color it, we believe that light yellow anti-times special and bright yellow anti-times the special plate can be considered as a color tone. Because the two colors are extremely close to the color of the environment, so the environment can have a better integration.
So if we do not use similar tone, we should choose what kind of color? Hue through the superposition of the test found that if the environment is mainly yellow color, then the use of pink or red anti-times the special board is a good choice. Because the superposition of yellow and red color is orange, this superimposed color also accords with the overall environment of the main color.
Of course, the specific color of the wallboard configuration, or to consider many aspects, because in an environment, the light source is multifaceted, but it also reminds us that in the selection of wall panels, in addition to consider the quality of the plate , But also try to consider the role of color, so that our wall panels and our environment in harmony and shine.
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