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How is the locker protected against moisture?

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For the non-moisture-proof lockers, the biggest problem is the locker moldy and damp, the same as being affected by damp and moldy, resulting in stored in the locker inside the items are also subject to moisture threat. So, how should deal with this situation? Shenzhen 1000 grid company tell you how to moisture-proof lockers.

First, you can keep your lockers away from the walls, making them less susceptible to wet walls. The best distance is to make the locker a centimeter away from the wall.

Second, you can put some inside the locker absorbent material, such as paper towels, old newspapers or activated carbon and the like. In particular, activated carbon, which can absorb the moisture in the locker in the water, but also to absorb the unpleasant smell in the locker.

Third, the locker can be regularly waxing treatment. In the waxing treatment, we must pay attention to clean up before the wax.

Fourth, an incandescent lamp can be placed in the locker so that it can be opened in wet weather and the heat contained in the incandescent lamp evaporates the moisture contained in the locker.

However, if we find that our lockers have mildew occurs, then how should we do? If you find the moldy point on the locker, we can wipe with a rag on the locker on the mildew, such as mildew wipe after the locker can be coated with a layer of varnish, so we should in the longer Time to prevent the occurrence of mildew.

Of course, these methods are a number of temporary solutions, to fundamentally solve the moisture-proof locker, the most important thing is to choose the appropriate moisture-proof material as a locker plate. In general, the best moisture-proof locker plate than the use of anti-times the special plate, followed by moisture-proof plate.
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