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How to distinguish the bathroom partition plastic parts are nylon or PP material?

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Toilet partition construction used in the cut off accessories, if you choose to use the bathroom partition plastic parts, you can tell is the real nylon material, or PP material? At present, the market supply of bathroom partition accessories style more, different varieties, there are alloys, stainless steel and plastic materials, most of the plastic parts are PP material (commonly known as polypropylene) and PA (commonly known as nylon) two Raw material manufacturing.

One, two material contrast
PP is a crystalline plastic, light, but the high temperature rigidity, and low temperature brittle, poor environmental resistance, tensile strength of anisotropy, easy deformation products, creep performance, intolerance long-term load. PA is polyamide English Polyamide short, it is an important engineering plastics, production in the top five general engineering plastics.

Second, the two materials prices
At present, the price of nylon raw materials is about 3 times the PP, and the production process is relatively complex, so the use of nylon materials, cut off the accessories will cost more than 3 times more expensive than PP.

Third, both the appearance of the same product, the material of resolution
The appearance of the two seemingly the same circumstances, the general user is more likely to confuse the material is PP partition or accessories, especially in the two materials can not be compared at the same time. So many businesses on the market will even refer to deer as to the price of nylon material to sell PP material goods, not only to mislead customers, but also for the bathroom cut off the project buried quality problems.

Although the PP material accessories have many shortcomings, and even can be said that PP material is not suitable for bathroom partition accessories, but there are still many customers in the use of such accessories, the most important reason is that coveted PP material cut off parts cost is relatively low. But as a bathroom partition project, the cost of parts in fact the share of the cost of the project is very small, but very important, in addition to considering the construction cost factors, the more important thing is to consider the quality of the project, if it is because the sake of saving a little spare parts costs The choice of PP partition accessories, then, may often affect the quality of the entire project.
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