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Use anti-times special board, solve your toilet partition problem

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Anti-times the special board is the industry's respected a special cut off the material, to cut off our bathroom products use long, then we use the material in the selection of real anti-times the special board, it will not be the performance of the plate problems . Because the bathroom partition product specificity, to it more durable, the choice of material is a key factor - anti-times the special board is your first choice.

Why anti-times the board will become the darling of the market it, first of all, Shenzhen Qian Ge to take you to understand the bathroom in the end it is what kind of environment.

One is the wetness of the space. This feature is mainly composed of two aspects; First, the user in order to rinse excreta and a lot of water. The second is to clean the toilet and a lot of water. These two actions, no matter what point, will make our toilet space environment becomes quite humid.

The second is the corrosive nature of space. This feature can be broadly divided into two areas: First, with acidic urine is very easy to corrosion and ground contact accessories. Second, we in the cleaning process, the extensive use of acidic detergents and disinfectants caused.

The third is the use of strength. Public places are a place where the crowds are concentrated, and the use of buildings is very frequent in unit time, especially in the frequency of the use of the bathroom. In a high frequency of use under the will of our toilet partition will produce wear and tear. Once the wear to a certain extent, then we use the partition will have a great impact on performance. Again, because of the intensity of use, it means that the use of many people. And this is also very likely to cause our partition will occur from external damage.

To avoid these three hazards, the most effective way is to use high-strength materials to install. The choice of anti-times the special board, you can completely let our partition with high strength, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof performance. Therefore, the anti-times the special board has become a cutting-edge materials.

On the toilet partition material selection information for everyone to introduce here, I hope this article will help you. If you do not understand what you can consult our Shenzhen 1000 grid, we will answer your questions as soon as possible.
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