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Different materials, furniture, maintenance methods, anti-times the most special material strength

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First, the maintenance of fabric furniture
Fabric furniture can be replaced at any time and easy to clean cloth characteristics, and soft material is not easy to damage, usually as long as regular cleaning to maintain its surface clean, but such as mattresses such large, in addition to weekday cleaning work, but also Through the rational use to achieve better maintenance results.

1, to reduce contact friction
2, smooth handling

Second, leather furniture maintenance
Leather furniture is most afraid of stained with oil or scratch, do not wash directly with water, you can use a special dry cloth stained with leather cleaner gently wipe. For a pet or a child's home, especially with the kitten, puppy claws or children with sharp objects in the furniture surface scratches.

1, regular cleaning
2, to avoid direct sunlight

Third, wood furniture maintenance
For wood furniture, the most prone to deformation in humid weather, so keep ventilated, dry environment, and often clean surface knot can achieve good maintenance results.

1, avoid high temperature and dry
2, ground cleaning to resist corrosion
3, regular waxing
Fourth, anti-Bate material maintenance
Anti-Bate material furniture maintenance relative to the first three kinds of furniture, furniture maintenance is relatively simple.

Because of its:
1, waterproof, moisture, mildew
2, anti-acid and alkali resistance, chemical corrosion
3, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance
4, antibacterial easy to clean, anti-ultraviolet
5, fire, smoke-resistant burning
6, green, non-toxic harmless odor, anti-static, no radiation
7, the stability of strong, smooth and difficult to deformation characteristics
8,4 D three-dimensional clean
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