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Wood furniture, hidden, anti-fold the advantages of furniture

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Hidden one: wood without drying, moisture content is high, anti-times by high temperature and high pressure after drying without water
Drying of wood is a complex process, the processing of good or bad, a great impact on the quality of wood products. Therefore, if the wood drying treatment can not be effectively protected, easily lead to deformation or cracking of furniture after the finished product; anti-times the furniture after high temperature and pressure, the dry no moisture, no deformation!

Hidden two: rotten or moth-eaten wood, green kraft paper pressed from the anti-times the special board

Wooden furniture If the use of decay or moth-eaten wood, rotten or moth-eaten wood texture is relatively soft. Consumers can use finger digging, if the wood block off, the basic proof of wood has been rotten metamorphism, anti-times the special board with fine kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin from high temperature and high pressure, hard, anti-Chongzhu, waterproof moisture characteristics , Far superior to the wood board.

Hidden three: the framework of loose structure, the frame is not strong tenon, broken tenon, broken material phenomenon, anti-times the furniture with stainless steel 304 angle code fixed, solid deformation

Some furniture wood frame is not open tenon, just use nails to be fixed, this will affect the overall quality and appearance of furniture. Consumers in the purchase when you can shake the furniture with the combination of parts, especially the dining table tripod and other connections to see if there is no loosening. Anti-fold special furniture, such as stainless steel 304 angle code fixed, solid deformation!
Hidden four: a large wardrobe cabinet mirror no back plate, no pressure, only nails set, Li Jie anti-times the counter will not cut corners£¬This jerry-building practices, can easily lead to broken mirror cabinet.

Hidden five: wood surface coating uneven, easy to fall off, anti-times the surface treatment using high-grade color paper does not change color, do not fade.

The use of these poor furniture prone to paint off, from the shell of the phenomenon. Qualified furniture surface texture should be clear, complete sets of furniture should be basically the same color, not part of the color white or brush flowers and so on. In addition, the surface of the furniture should feel smooth; times the surface treatment using high-grade color paper imports do not change color, do not fade, table edge processing rich!

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