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Understanding and Judgment of Environmental Protection Sheet

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China 's environmental standards
According to China's environmental standards, in accordance with the concept of formaldehyde emission limit, formaldehyde in the sheet metal grade is divided into three levels, namely E2 ¡Ü 5.0mg / L, E1 ¡Ü 1.5mg / L, E0 ¡Ü 0.5mg / L. In China, the plate E2 level can be reached, that is, E2, E1 and E0-class sheet can be called environmentally friendly sheet, but because of consumer awareness of environmental protection, and now the market more common E1 or even E0-class sheet.

What is the E0 standard
E0 standard is to allow the presence of formaldehyde in the sheet, but can not exceed 0.5mg / L, which is the maximum limit; the lower limit should be the highest content of wood itself aldehyde (wood itself aldehyde content is generally 0.12mg / L-0.04mg / L) That is, the lower limit is 0.12 mg / L.

What is "zero formaldehyde"
 "Zero formaldehyde" is the selection of non-formaldehyde, the production process does not produce aldehydes; the production staff on the environment do not bring any pollution and injury. Thus we can "zero formaldehyde" plate so defined: the free aldehyde in the plate material is less than equal to the wood itself aldehyde content (generally 0.04mg / L-0.12mg / L). "Zero formaldehyde" plate and E0 is not the same thing, "zero formaldehyde" plate E0 higher than the level of a principle.

How to manually identify whether the plate is environmentally friendly
Plate is environmentally friendly, the key to see the plate of formaldehyde emission limit, if the form of acid-shaped products that exceed the level of environmental protection. To identify whether the plate is environmentally friendly, mainly through the look and smell. Look at the brand, look at environmental certification, to see the test identification certificate and security signs; smell whether there is a pungent taste. This is a manual method of measuring excessive formaldehyde.
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