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Anti-Beite board applications

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The characteristics of anti-Beit board determines its high-density board areas, due to anti-Beit board raw materials and production processes resulting in its high production costs, and high density determines its weight is very heavy, which led to anti-Beite The main application areas of the board to the field of tooling, such as: hospital wall panels, school office desks, bathroom partitions and public places, such as lockers, so today thousands of cells on the simple description of the above four applications.

Hospital wall panels
Anti-Beit board has been widely used in hospital wall, mainly by the board's antibacterial, moisture-proof, easy to clean, durable deformation of the advantages of the decision, and anti-Beitou board with other wall panels do not function, It can be directly attached to the front, you can also take the way hanging hanging on the wall by metal keel. Li Jie board in the field of hospital wall board there are many classic cases, that the recent Shenzhen Hospital is Li Jie hospital wall-mounted construction of the installation. Li Jie has the industry's outstanding construction team.
Anti-Bette countertop
Anti-Beit board is resistant to scratches, water and fire, impact resistance and other characteristics, anti-Beite Taiwan panel generally use more than 12mm thickness, the corner processing It can be a circular edge, straight edge, bevel edge, and thickened edge.

Anti - Beit board toilet partition
Anti-Beit board in the bathroom and bathroom partition has also been widely used, we can in large supermarket shopping plaza, hospitals, railway stations, hotels and other public places of the bathroom can see the anti-Beit board partition figure, , Easy to clean, non-deformation, waterproof fire characteristics of the bathroom partition industry has been highly recognized, so a wide range of applications in the field.
Anti-Beite board lockers
Anti-Beite board lockers are mainly used in public space, because a group of anti-Bett lockers is very heavy, inconvenient to move, but very stable, no deformation, no mold, no rust, but also in the Design, to meet the designer's imagination, a wide range of colors, accessories can also be free to match.
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