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Matters needing attention when processing anti - times special board

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As the special anti-times the texture of the plate is very hard, so the processing should pay attention to the following aspects:

1, open the material should be straight-line sawing the main. Normally, the size of the sheet can be drawn, and then sawed. If the size of the workpiece is the standard size, it can be much easier to cut it with the template first.

2, the hole can be used when the hand-held curve saws cutting, cutting speed to 3-4m / min is appropriate, such as cutting too fast cutting edge will produce burst on the one hand and other defects, on the other hand will affect the use of saw blade Life, increase the unnecessary processing costs.

3, processing contour edge, you should first draw the required size of the surface of the plate, and then use the jig saw cutting; if the mass production, can use large CNC to cut, so to ensure that the processing speed and sawing quality.

4, the edge of the tool is generally used in hand-held router router, in the operation should be removed before the surface of dust or foreign objects, so as not to leave the board surface scratches or scratches. The processing speed of the router should be kept at 2m / min. If the angle of the cutter is small and the workpiece thickness is thick, the processing speed of the router should be slowed down appropriately. In addition the length of the milling cutter should be greater than the thickness of the workpiece to ensure that a pass can cut out the edge of the line type. The cutter should be cut from the top to the lower part until the edge of the milling cutter is cut. It is noteworthy that, when the knife must remain stable, do not let the router milling machine shaking. Shake will make the edge of the workpiece to form irregular corrugated, sanding and polishing process to increase the workload after the impact of processing efficiency.

5, when sanding in accordance with the order were 80 #, 220 # and 320 # sandpaper on the edge of sanding, grinding speed of 15-20 minutes to polish 2.5 meters length as the base; polished should be careful not to damage the surface decoration layer, after the end The edge is polished with a polishing agent.

7, if you want to use screws to connect the product, you should first use a smaller diameter than the drill bit drilling a small hole and then into the hole into the adhesive, then screw into, and to ensure that the screw along the top part of the screw into the 5mm .

8, drilled darker cup hole than the hole when the remaining pieces of plate thickness of at least 3mm or more, such as the remaining thickness is too thin, cup-shaped hinge buried after the breakage occurs or convex mark. Install darker than the chain when the hole bottom and fixed screw holes should be coated with adhesive, and then screw tight. Do not overtighten the screws, otherwise it will make the edge of the plate part of the convex, serious will be its top break.

9, anti-times the special board at the end of the installation, such as surface spots or smudges, you can use towels dip a small amount of oil-based cleaning agent (oil and acetone mixture) gently wipe these spots or stains can be removed. If there is no spots or stains with a general cleaning agent such as soap, add water, or detergent can wipe with water.
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