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Toilet partition material selection

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Bathroom material selection is very important, related to the bathroom and the whole room safety factor and comfort. Bathroom water and gas is very heavy, so the interior decoration materials must be mainly waterproof material. Bathroom walls and ceilings occupy the largest area, so you should choose both waterproof and corrosion-resistant and mildew materials to ensure that indoor health, tiles, strengthen the board and a waterproof plastic wallpaper can meet these requirements. Natural stone such as marble is a special texture, in a small bathroom can not play a role.

Toilet partition selection depends on the material and technology and design: cut off the production of decoration in the home decoration is as a separate a separate offer, its price because of the selection, size, process and design are very different. Such as the use of gypsum board, wood simple shape to do the cut off, the price just a few hundred dollars, and with glass bricks, stone and other high-grade materials produced by the larger partition, the cost may reach several thousand dollars. Some materials such as iron, steel, aluminum plate and some other special processing, such as ticks, bending and other requirements of the process is relatively high, the corresponding cut off the price will rise. So cut off the price comparability is not, need to consult with the designers themselves.

Toilet partition is not just play a block used in a decoration material, and in the moment the bathroom cut off more attention to the decorative and comfort. Toilet partition design to take into account the practical and beautiful: to meet the practical function, based on the re-add some aesthetic taste, in the modeling efforts, you can make a beautiful and practical partition.

In the design of toilet partition independent type is suitable for small bathroom, in this bathroom cut off the bathroom, toilet, washroom and other separate toilet, called the independent type. Independent of the advantages of the room can be used simultaneously, especially in the peak period can reduce mutual interference, the room features clear, easy to use and comfortable. The disadvantage is that space occupies more space, the construction cost is high.
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