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Cleaning and maintenance of lockers

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Lockers are generally divided into family lockers and business lockers, etc., mainly used to facilitate the use of people, storage of different items, different categories. But also for smaller families or dormitories, it is essential items, can make full use of space to accommodate more of the life of goods, but also can be a good decoration of people's home environment. Whether for a home locker or a business locker, it is necessary to clean and maintain it.

1, first of all, regular cleaning and cleaning of the lockers. If the locker has been used for a period of time, to clean it up in order to maintain the home environment clean and tidy. In the cleaning process, it is best to clean the lockers, with a wet cloth to wipe the locker, and then dry cloth to dry, to avoid moisture residues, easily lead to corrosion of the locker, But also for the storage of things is also detrimental. Such as wiping clean lockers, then the original locker on the items stored in it.

2, Secondly, to avoid the locker and corrosive gas and liquid contact, to avoid the locker rot. Lockers are generally iron, wood, and plastic these three, and for these three materials, are taboo and corrosive objects in contact, so to avoid contact with corrosive gases and liquids. In addition, to avoid moisture residues, moisture is also very easy to damage lockers.

3, there is, for the locker cleaning and maintenance, but also to avoid scratching the surface of the locker. In order to maintain a good locker, keep the locker beautiful shine, first of all, to avoid the locker access to sharp objects, and then in the locker is best to use when cleaning fabric soft cloth to avoid the Wipe the locker during scrubbing.
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