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Furniture, props decoration industry commonly used plate advantages and disadvantages

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Wood board (commonly known as Daixinban) wood board (commonly known as Daixinban) is a solid wood core board plywood, the vertical (to distinguish between the core plate to) bending strength, but the lateral bending strength is higher. Now most of the market is solid, plastic fight, double-sided sanding, five-story blockboard, is currently decorated with one of the most commonly used plate.

Advantages: A, blockboard grip screw force is good, high strength, with a strong, sound absorption, insulation and other characteristics, Blockboard moisture content is not high, between 10% -13%, processing is simple, for furniture, Doors and windows and sets, cut off, false walls, heating enclosures, Chuandian He, the most widely used.

B, due to the internal solid wood, so the processing equipment is not demanding, easy on-site construction.

Disadvantages: A, because the wood board in the production process a large number of use of urinary aldehyde glue, formaldehyde emission is generally high, generally low environmental standards, which is why most of the wood pungent taste of the reasons.

B, currently on the market most of the wood panel production juggling, in splicing solid wood when the gap is large, there is a common void inside the plate, if the gap at the nail, the basic nail holding force.

C, wood board inside the solid wood for the vertical splicing, so the vertical bending strength is poor, long-term stress will cause significant lateral deformation of the plate.

D, wood board inside the wood material is not the same, the density of different sizes, only after a simple drying process, easy to warped deformation; structure distortion, deformation, the appearance and use of effects.

E, the wood surface rough, so the woodworking site processing, in the treatment of the surface usually use a lot of glue or paint, so this board to produce furniture very environmentally friendly, which is why the decoration is very exciting taste of the main The reason, this kind of site production of furniture is carcinogenic and cause gene mutation of the culprit, the harm to human body is very big.

Particleboard Particleboard, is a variety of branches, small-diameter wood, fast-growing wood, wood chips and other materials into a certain size of debris, after drying, mixed with rubber, hardener, waterproofing agent, in a certain temperature, Of a wood-based panel, because its profile similar to the honeycomb, so called particleboard.

In the particleboard to join a certain "moisture factor" or "moisture agent" and other raw materials, it has become the people usually talk about the moisture-proof particleboard, referred to as moisture-proof plate, a certain moisture-proof effect is because the particleboard itself moisture absorption, After the expansion coefficient is small, is widely used in cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other environments, but in reality, it has become a lot of poor quality particleboard cover more impurities within the tool. In the particleboard and then add the green dye to form the current market said that the green-based particleboard, many manufacturers use it to mislead the green board, in fact, there is no scientific basis.

Multi-layer solid wood panels with good structural stability, not easy to deformation, quality Kennedy. As the vertical and horizontal bonding, high temperature and pressure, from the internal stress to solve the deformation of the board defects. In the production process using self-made high-quality environmentally friendly plastic, the product of formaldehyde emission limit to meet the national standards, green.

China's major plate brands (friends can provide some of the brand's price in the above) Wooden board: Fu Han board, take-off, Peng Hong, autumn domestic particleboard: Daya, Lushui River imported solid wood particle board: Kyrgyzstan, Robin multilayer: the United States and Asia
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