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Government agencies
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Thousands of government agencies outdoor wallboard system applications: thousands of government agencies to customize the outdoor wall panels is a special technology produced by the outdoor decorative structure plate, with a variety of colors, high strength, impact resistance, anti-ultraviolet, Outdoor furniture, outdoor facilities and signs, and so outdoor space; outdoor phenolic resin fiberboard colorful and diverse, wood texture of nature, nature, and so on, Light and compact cutting shape arbitrary, for the pursuit of individuality of the building and designers to provide a broader space for exploration. Whether it's artists, designers or engineers, outdoor phenolic resin fiberboard is your dream to express the best choice.

Variety of colors: 20 color design, including 12 kinds of plain, 5 kinds of wood and 3 kinds of metal colors, so that design can play more heart. Delicate wood grain: wood effect unaware, regardless of color or texture are more saturated and refined, breaking the traditional building exterior color restrictions. Excellent weathering effect: with excellent UV resistance, heat resistance, low water absorption, the climate, sunlight, rain has excellent resistance. Superior material strength: good strength and impact resistance, effective against wind pressure and accidental collision; is the decorative material, is the structural material. High-quality anti-fouling properties: the surface of non-porous, not stained with dirt, effectively reducing future maintenance costs.

Dense and easy to process: texture dense light, good processing and installation of simple and quick, is quite easy to construction of building materials.

Environmental protection: outdoor panels, wall panels, the main raw material to use renewable economic wood species rather than from the original forest or rain forest, with very little use of natural resources. At the same time, more lightweight features, but also greatly reduces the use of hardware system materials, is the ideal environment-friendly building materials one of the plug.

Energy saving: Because of the low thermal conductivity of the material itself, with the ventilation of the hardware system, which can effectively reduce the energy consumption of building shell; provides the construction team to design energy efficient building works strong solution.

Health: outdoor phenolic resin fiberboard by heavy metals, radioactive, formaldehyde and TVOC emissions and asbestos inspection, is the concept of highly environmentally friendly health building materials.

Green building materials: Phenolic resin fiber board products have been recommended "green building materials", attention to consumer health and safety, to establish a decorative decorative materials industry, an example of environmental sustainability.
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