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Difference between high-quality sheet and poor quality sheet

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Now, environmental protection has become the world's most talked about topic, which is particularly prominent in the home circle, because it is closely related to the daily lives of the majority of users. When more and more people will be environmental protection as a measure of the success of home decoration an important criterion, you know who is the most powerful home killer? Do not let inadvertently choice and the most easily overlooked things bring infinite hidden trouble .

The harm of poor quality sheet is mainly due to a variety of harmful substances exceeding the standard, the most important is the formaldehyde exceeded. For formaldehyde, the vast number of consumers is not unfamiliar, many people are talking about formaldehyde discoloration. Formaldehyde is a highly toxic substance, it is also known as the first killer of the indoor environment.

According to scientific research shows that the concentration of formaldehyde in the air reached 0.06 ~ 0.07mg / m3, will cause mild asthma; concentration of 0.6mg / m3, will cause throat discomfort, pain, nausea, vomiting, cough And even pulmonary edema and other symptoms; concentration of 30mg / m3, it will cause death. Of course, there are other harmful substances in the bad plate harm, for the human body hazards are very serious, such as benzene, radon, ammonia and so on. These substances so that the harm of inferior plate is no less than poison, the use of inferior plate equal to the drug in the consumption, equal to chronic death.

There are many types of plates, and various standards vary. But as a variety of different types of sheet metal, they can pass the standards of quality or quality of sheet metal content of harmful substances in line with national standards, while materials used in sheet metal excellent, and these for consumers, we may not directly to determine, but the plate If the brand through the country and the world some of the authority of the certification, then this is an important affirmation of the quality of sheet metal, but also to consumers on the sheet quality of peace of mind.

Recently, E0 green sheet in a number of consumers in the mouth of the popular vocabulary, many consumers even "non-E0 do not buy", of course, the emergence of formaldehyde-free sheet, some consumers also have questions: "plate really can not Formaldehyde, which is how to do it?

To this end, thousands of grid of professionals who do for us to answer, plate E0 level is the highest international furniture standards, in the national standard GB18580-2001, as long as the E1 level, ie formaldehyde emission ¡Ü 1.5mg / L the following Can be directly used for indoor, while the E0-level standards require formaldehyde emission ¡Ü 0.5mg / L, EO0 more than E1-level security and health, the current domestic development and production of E0 green sheet metal plate manufacturers are not many.
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