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The advantages of hanging wall panels

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Anti-special hanging wall panels with waterproof, moisture-proof, scratch, abrasion, antibacterial, anti-impact, easy to clean and other excellent performance. And in line with the United States ASTM standards, in line with, or even beyond the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center of the various physical performance requirements, especially the impact resistance and water absorption characteristics of outstanding performance, is the modern wall material of choice.

Anti-double hanging wall panels according to different needs, different use of the environment flexible choice for different wall design, plate utilization rate of 100%. Thousands of grid-resistant special hanging wall panels can provide more than 400 kinds of colors, a variety of surface treatment. In addition to the common suede, but also highlight the beautiful and elegant paint surface, showing the delicate leather mechanism of the striae face, metal textured brushed suede and so on. Hanging wall panels for the use of frequent sites, thousands of grid hanging wall cleaning and maintenance more simple, long product life, can always protect the beautiful, clean!

Anti-fold special hanging wall panels according to different needs, different use of flexible environment options. (1220mm x 2440mm), 5'x6 '(1525mm x 1830mm) and other different sizes of panels for different toilet partition design, plate utilization rate of 100%!

Wall plate processing, the plate can be directly used standard carbon steel alloy cutting tools, drilling, guide type work; with selected hardware series to be tightened installation, cross-keel and screw holes to ensure that no collapse edge can be loose, can be loose To create beautiful, solid wall panels.

The wall panels are scientifically designed and are easier to maintain. To make the surface of the anti-fold special appearance to maintain beautiful, please mild, no grinding effect of detergent on the wet cloth, gently wipe. General dirt, can be cleaned with a damp cloth cleaner or decontamination powder, stains that are harder to clean, marks left by oil fingerprints, or glue, which can be cleaned with pine gum, methyl ethyl ketone or clean vinegar. In the concave part of the groove, or angle of the part, please use a mild detergent and soft nylon brush to clean.
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