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Selection of Material for Kindergarten Lockers

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Children are the flowers of the motherland, is the future of society builders. The kindergarten is a place where children's spiritual enlightenment. Lockers in kindergarten settings, kindergarten teachers and students can bring convenience. However, kindergarten lockers in the material should have a choice?

Kindergarten locker for the material set, we must from the safety, environmental protection, the two aspects to demonstrate, and only these two aspects can best reflect the specific environment of kindergarten.

Some people may think that, taking into account environmental protection, security, of course, is best to use logs of the plate. In actual fact, we have to analyze the characteristics of wood plate.

First, the source of wood plate is the natural growth of trees, and to produce logs lockers, then the first will be on the felling of trees, so the ecological environment, it is destructive. Therefore, the lack of modern social forest resources, we should minimize the use of logs.

Second, the process of wood, because the process involves a lot, and these processes, and sometimes have to carry out the corresponding chemical treatment, such as wood preservative treatment, which had to use formaldehyde or other anti-corrosion drugs , Although in the finished product, will minimize formaldehyde residues, but can not completely eliminate the presence of formaldehyde. This set up a man-made source of pollution, if the logs made of such lockers, is certainly not desirable.

Third, from a security point of view, we all know that the fire point of wood is relatively low, and in real life, the biggest security risk is the fire, we can hide a security risk in our children around it? Therefore, this is extremely infeasible. Moreover, because the wood from the raw materials to make the final product, painting is a link can not be ignored, and paint is a relatively easy to fire the material, even without the use of paint lockers, I believe my friends know that any wood Items, always coated with a layer of oil, one can increase the brightness of wood items, on the other hand, but also to make wood more moisture. However, whether it is paint or other oil, they have a good attraction to the fire, so from the safety and environmental considerations in these two aspects, then the wooden child lockers is not a good choice.

So what kind of materials can make our kindergarten locker is more safe and environmentally friendly it? Thousands of lattice tells us that the best locker plate than the anti-times the board and moisture-proof plate, because from the environmental point of view, they are not using natural wood processing, so little impact on the natural environment, With other preservatives for treatment, then it will not contain harmful ingredients. Moreover, they themselves have excellent fire-retardant fire performance, so that children eliminate the security risks. Moreover, because they are waterproof and moisture-proof performance, so that students can safely provide safe protection of goods.

Based on the above reasons, we believe that in the kindergarten locker plate selection, no plate than the anti-times have better performance, so we believe that kindergarten locker or choose anti-times special lockers .
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