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Timeless - thousands of anti-times special locker cabinet

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How to make our public lockers in the course of use to avoid being outside harm. This will not only help to reduce the cost of setting lockers, but also facilitate people's lives. Therefore, the Shenzhen 1000 grid company that we set up in the locker at the beginning, we can not neglect the consideration of these issues.

We use the process, can cause damage to the locker for many reasons, but summed up nothing more than these two aspects of the mainstream.

First, moist air affects the locker's plate
Because in our living environment, the air is a certain water vapor content exists. Especially for the "back to the South" "rainy season", its characteristics become very obvious. Although, we can have some ways to avoid the impact of moisture on the locker. However, these aspects are a temporary solution.

Second, the use of lockers in the process, the loss of wear and tear on the locker material
Since wear and tear will always exist, then, in order to minimize our loss, it only allows us to have a better strength locker materials. Only by improving the strength of our lockers will our lockers be able to cope with wear and tear.

So, what kind of material is more in line with our needs? Here, Shenzhen 1000 grid company recommended the use of anti-times the special board is more appropriate, because the anti-times the special board, whether moisture or loss prevention, have a more superior performance.
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