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Hospital wall board is green building materials

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The principle of saving materials in green building
1, materials, consumption: the selection of building materials and structural system for rational design and optimization, to minimize the total amount of building materials; improve the use of localized materials, reduce transportation energy consumption; reduce the high energy consumption of cement and other high-emission building The proportion of material;

2, reusable materials: do not change the material form of direct re-use, or through the combination of direct recovery after the recovery of material;

3, recyclable materials: recycling, by changing the material form can be recycled material;

4, renewable materials: to change the material form, renewable for other materials.

Green building materials is the green building material basis, it has the following six characteristics:
1, low consumption: to reduce the amount of mineral raw materials and building materials, to reduce the consumption of materials, the purpose of resources;

2, non-polluting: materials in the production process clean and pollution-free, the use of the process harmless to the human body;

3, low energy consumption: the production process in the use of new materials to reduce energy consumption levels, or in the course of the use of materials can reduce the level of building energy consumption;

4, multi-function: to meet environmental protection, health, comfort, noise reduction and other functional requirements, such as antibacterial materials, sound insulation materials;

5, low emissions: the transport and use of materials in the process can reduce the load on the environment, such as localized materials, low carbon emissions of building materials;

6, recyclable: in the whole life cycle of recycling of building materials, including recyclable materials, reusable materials, waste as raw materials to produce building materials.
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