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Selection of school toilet partition materials

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School is a crowded place, in the unit time, the use of the building is very frequent, especially on the school bathroom usage. Moreover, the students are more lively, hip-hop slapstick inside the toilet, the collision is common. Therefore, the choice of school toilet partition material has become a very important issue. Only the choice of high-quality toilet partition material, can be calmly deal with is frequently used, impact and not easily damaged. And has always been known for high-quality Shenzhen thousands of times the special board to cut off the bathroom, is your first choice.

So, how should the right to select the bathroom partition material it, Xu Jia Industrial DEBO for you the following recommendations:

(1) to be easy to clean, students like to scribble scribble, easy to clean off the product, it is easy maintenance, nice.

(2) to be resistant to corrosion, we all know that the bathroom is a high humidity environment, while the human urine also has some corrosive, so the corrosion resistance of the plate is also a condition to be considered.

(3) to have a strong fire, the school as a crowd is relatively concentrated environment, but also belong to the focus of fire places, so in this area is relatively important, especially for primary and secondary schools and kindergartens and other places, fire characteristics change Even more important.

(4) used in materials, must be strong, high wear resistance. Because the public places in this school compared with other places, he was in a certain period of time the use of the bathroom is very high, so when using the peak comes, our cut-off material must have strong and wear-resistant performance, if the performance Can not be well achieved, then this material is certainly not used.

(5) the price to be economical, easy to install.

School toilet partition material on the selection of relevant information to introduce to you here, I hope this article will help you. If you do not understand what you can consult our Shenzhen 1000 grid, we will answer your questions as soon as possible.
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