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The finishes of the plates

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Qian Ge plate finishes and substrates are produced in the European factory is completed, is imported, we usually refer to the large sub-sheet, Jilin Forest Lulu River plate, etc., to the furniture manufacturers are not carried out before Processing, and we usually see the appearance, it is the furniture manufacturers through a different surface treatment process to achieve the effect, the following talk about what we know, in addition to the use of paint coating several common outside the ornaments Surface method.

Melamine surface is decorated decorative paper surface printing pattern, into the melamine impregnated, made into melamine finishing paper, and then by high temperature hot plate in the substrate. Because of its flat substrate surface roughness requirements are high, it is usually used for particleboard and medium density fiberboard surface finishes. After the melamine pressure decorative surface of such plates are commonly known as melamine plate, the surface texture of strong sense of reality, wear-resistant, resistant to draw, better water resistance, suitable for production, mainly for furniture panel manufacture.

Melamine board of its decorative paper thickness (weight) of the points, there are imported paper and domestic paper points, the surface of the printing ink and imported ink and domestic ink of the points, the effect is also very different.

According to the different dipping process, but also divided into three ammonia and semi-three ammonia plastic ammonia, semi-ammonia wear coefficient than all three ammonia. According to the decorative paper hot pressing steel, is divided into smooth, linen, relief, cloth pattern, corrugated, rain silk surface, and so different effects.

Solid wood veneer leather veneer: the high-temperature hot-pressing machine is affixed to the MDF / particle board / multi-layer solid wood and other boards, a solid wood veneer decorative panels, veneer due to import and domestic points, valuable wood and ordinary Wood, can choose a larger range, so according to the type and thickness of solid wood veneer decides the level of wood veneer leather decorative panels.

Solid wood veneer sheet surface to do the paint treatment, due to paste the skin and paint technology is different from the same kind of veneer easy to make a different effect, so the stickers on the skin paste and leather coating process requirements are higher.

Because of its real feel, natural, high grade, it is the main decorative way of high-grade furniture at home and abroad, but the relative material and manufacturing cost are higher.

At present, domestic and popular a technology veneer, with its true texture of nature, a wide range of patterns, there is no color, the larger size of the characteristics of the much favored by consumers.

Cat's eye paper is a relatively thin decorative paper (also known as Boeing film), the material for the PVC, with white latex affixed to the surface of the furniture after the paint closed. For easy milling and modeling, mainly for MDF surface finishes. At the same time cat's eye paper finishes, poor wear resistance, easy to leave scratches, easy bubble discoloration, but the relatively low cost, is currently the preferred finishes of many finished furniture.

Solid wood sheet, fire board finishes will be solid wood sheet (the surface to be on-site paint treatment), fire board with glue attached to the above types of substrates, mainly used for on-site wooden hand-made wood for some surface finishes. As the adhesive used in the glue with a very large amount of universal, very pungent taste, very environmentally friendly, and because of the quality of the use of plastic, sizing and paste the process is different from easy to blister and fall off.
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