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Hospital wall panels

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For the medical space of the wall, the use of thousands of anti-bacterial hospital wall system price is very high: thousands of grid anti-bacterial hospital wall board with impact resistance, wear scraping, resistant to burning, moisture mold insect, acid, not It has the characteristics of anti-static, anti-static, easy to clean, rich in color and environmental protection. It is in full compliance with the standards of home improvement in Europe and the United States, especially in impact resistance and water absorption.

From the clean maintenance level, the thousands of anti-bacterial hospital wall panels do not stick dust, no dust, corrosion, moisture mildew, can be wet disinfection; from clean technology, because the wall is smooth and clean, the material itself with antibacterial Function, against static pollution and prevent cross-infection have a good effect. Thousands of anti-bacterial hospital wall board ten years of quality assurance is the best choice for customers. Instrument cable system, operation and control points, etc., the overall network is very complex, thousands of grid wall system also has anti-bacterial repair function, the wall wiring to disassemble or conceal the internal maintenance of the project are very convenient, and thus Saving a lot of maintenance costs; from the construction, the material itself does not produce dust, dust-free construction can be achieved to avoid or reduce air conditioning pipe secondary pollution, reducing the difficulty of secondary dust.

The thousands of anti-bacterial clean hospital wall system has a load-bearing characteristics, the number of frequently used essential products installed on the wall, such as equipment with (central oxygen system, central suction system) fixed sphygmomanometer, central spray disinfection system, Reduce the work of health care workers on the obstacles. Thousands of anti-bacterial hospital wall system will provide a high-quality medical environment to the major hospitals.

Qian Ge antibacterial sheet products are exported to Europe, the United States more than 100 countries. Is the fastest supply, the most professional services, the most technologically sound solution providers. Thousands of grid anti-bacterial clean plate without reservation for the construction company and thousands of households to provide technical support for decorative processing, thousands of grid plate purpose: to make the world thousands of hospital wall panels, so that the earth more green, the people of the world more health.
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