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Introduction of anti-times special board

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Anti-times the special plate for a very wide range, with good stability, lasting, water, moisture, heat, resistance, impact resistance, wear and easy cleaning and maintenance features.

Anti-fold special and indoor type: anti-times the special plate with wear-resistant, fire, anti-bacterial and anti-static properties, widely used in banks and airports and other systems counters and interior walls, public places and hygiene compartment , The station platform windbreak walls and benches, school tables and chairs, canteen dining table and cupboard racks.
It is suitable for outdoor use. It is a kind of outdoor decorative structural board made by special technology. It has various characteristics such as high color, high strength, impact resistance, UV resistance, weather resistance, antistatic, stain resistance and easy processing. Can be widely used in building exterior wall, outdoor furniture, outdoor facilities and signs and other outdoor space; for the pursuit of individuality of the building, to provide designers with a broader exploration of space.
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